You’re a driven business owner who wants a profitable business but you struggle to get clients.

Every day you show up in your business, eager to get started on the tasks you think will bring income into your business: website, logos, programs, etc.

You launch your website, print business cards and your programs are perfect, yet you hear crickets. No one is buying.

I’ve been there too and I learned to count the cost, that took me from operating in red to profiting in green.

I’m a Profit Coach for driven business owners like you. The only problem is you have an expensive hobby and not a profitable business.

You deserve to have a business with a bank account that reflects all the long hours, sleepless nights and countless sacrifices you’ve made.

As your Profit Coach we will work together to get you clear and get you confident so you can make those coins.

In the end of 2013 I became a Certified Professional Life Coach and felt I was all set. I was going to small business classes offered at a local community college and that is where I met my first coach.

I asked her to be my mentor and she said, “I don’t mentor. I coach.”

I have never forgotten that phrase.

Do not allow people to “pick your brain,” “chat over coffee,” “be a mentee.”

You are running a business.  You are not running a hobby.

As a result of her being clear in that message, I scheduled a consult and invested in her 1:1 coaching package.

During the 3 months we worked together I was able to implement my ideas.

The results?

Got my first clients
Produced my first seminar
Got featured in a magazine
I completed my coaching with her and once again I felt I was all set.

I knew how to:

Get clients ✅

Create opportunities ✅
Pitch myself ✅

Everything was going okay, but I wanted MORE!!!

So I invested in a Vision Board Party and walked away with a bright, pink poster board filled with what I wanted for my marriage, my mind and my money.

Guess what happened next?


Days, weeks and even months passed, and still nothing.

I realized it was time to check with my Advisory Board (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and in the BIBLE I found the scripture Habakkuk 2:2.


You have to ACT to be successful (Activate your Faith, Commit to a Plan, and Take Action).

Things don’t just happen because you put them on a cute, bright, colorful board.

Three years passed before I invested again and in that time my bottom line suffered.

Slowly but surely I stopped ACTing in my business:

I stopped putting myself out there and just worked behind the scenes.

I stopped offering my seminar and just looked for the next shiny object.

I stopped pitching opportunities and just completed the ones I had.

At one point I considered throwing in the towel.

I remember getting on a discovery call and was like,

“I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to invest again.”

As good salesperson, she was overcoming my objections.

Then, I said:

“I don’t even know if I want my own business”.

Shock fell over the room and over me.


I can’t believe I actually said that out loud to a complete stranger.


The next day on my drive home I got a text message from my nephew.

It was a powerpoint presentation from a school project.

The slide said: The person he most admired was me.

Immediately I went into tears and gave myself a pep talk:

I can’t give up
Somebody’s watching me
Looking up to me
Can’t teach him it’s ok to give up

If for no other reason, I can’t let him down.

That was the push I needed to move forward. He was the ram in the bush for me when I want to give up, don’t feel like it, want to say forget it.

Sometimes it takes someone else believing in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

This could mean investing in a coach or program to help keep you moving forward.

The admiration of my nephew was what I needed to help me to keep going in spite of what I was seeing and how I was feeling.

So, I invested in myself again with someone I had been following since I received my certification. For the first time, her signature group program was in an on demand online program format.

I was ecstatic because I was able to finally invest in this program. Something I wanted to do from the beginning. That was exactly what I needed in my business: SALES.

I started to wonder what it would be like if I could teach this to other business owners who built a business but not the bank account they wanted.

When Opportunity is Knocking You Must Open the Door

And then it happened, I was offered the opportunity to train with my coach admired from afar and took advantage of becoming certified in her signature method. I was excited to finally be able to teach what had become so pivotal in my business.

Today, I get to work with driven business owners, to help them build a business that makes bank. As a Profit Coach, I pride myself in helping my clients make more money than they were making prior to working with me.

I love to take business owners from hearing crickets
to hearing cha ching.

Are you ready to get these COINS???

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