Do you as a Christian constantly worry about if your:

Faith is strong enough
Finances are going to get better
Freedom to live your dreams will ever come true


Imagine what your life would be like if you got back to:

Praying to God
Seeking God
Trusting God

That is the exact reason I wrote the book How to A.C.T. That Will Change Your Life, take you from playing tug-of-war with God about the direction he has for your life to freely giving in to your destiny

How to A.C.T. will:

Build your faith, so you can seek and trust God with all areas of your life
Make you a better steward over your finances, so you can be a blessing
Give you the confidence to live a life of freedom, so you can pursue dreams

How to A.C.T., That Will Change Your Life is an easy read, that is laid out in a concise logical manner, with action steps, prayers and a place to journal.


Investment: $20 free shipping and handling


How to A.C.T, That Will Change Your Life helps you with finances and it has great ideals of how to go about doing it. The first A.C.T. Principle talks about putting God First. Anytime you put prayer and faith together whatever you’re going to God for will come to pass and How to A.C.T, That Will Change Your Life explains all of that. It makes sure you put your priorities first, by having money to enjoy life, instead of a lot of debt. My favorite part is when you showed restraint, I believe God was talking to you, when it came to a purchase, that your husband and cousin believed you deserved. If you want help getting back on track with learning to save money and spend it wisely,How to A.C.T, That Will Change Your Life, is a must read. ANGELA MITCHELL

I would most definitely recommend this book to others and I give it a 5 Star rating! The book is easy to read and is laid out in a concise logical manner, in order to provide life changing results. Each of the 18 chapters present pertinent information for better living, as well as questions for you to analyze your own life. Also, each chapter provides action steps relating to the section’s specific topic along with a relevant prayer. The book delivers on its promise to Change Your Life, by instructing how to Activate your faith, Commit to a plan and Take action (ACT). I like how each of the chapters personally challenged me to think about specific issues and then provided an action step and a prayer. By reading this book you stand to gain a changed life by growing personally, professionally and spiritually. This transformation will help you become a better person and grow closer to God. MARK H.

How to A.C.T, That Will Change Your Life puts into perspective and helps with the guidance that with the assistance of God all things are possible. As well as suggest ways you can do things differently in order to have a better outcome financially. Every A.C.T. Principle, provided a quote that was right on and flowed well with the story in each chapter. How to A.C.T., That Will Change Your Life will keep you engaged and make you think about the path and /or direction you want to go in business as well as your personal life. How to A.C.T, That Will Change Your Life makes you think. If you want to get a better understanding on how you should view life in general. You should read this book. CRYSTAL MCCOY

I’ve read your book twice and each time it speaks to different parts of my life and heart.