I’m a Coach, for driven business owners who want a consistent flow of clients, but struggle with lack of clarity and confidence. I help them get clear on who they serve, what they offer and speak with confidence about the benefits, so they can start charging their worth and making the money they want.

Does this sound like you…

  • I want to help everyone…!
  • Feel like I’m at a buffet with all my favorites…so much to choose from
  • When I niche down other people outside of it always come along

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a consistent flow clients, you enjoy helping when you start speaking to the right people.


  • You were clear on who you served
  • Understanding the importance of refining your niche to attract the right clients
  • Working with clients you really connect with

That’s the exact reason I created the Nail Your Niche Coaching Session to take you from feeling like you just got your pupils dilated to be able to see again.

This is what is included:

60 min session, so you can get clear on who you help and how you help them

You will get more clarity in 60 mins then most people get in 6 weeks!

Investment: $97

Need Proof..? – check the testimonials below.


Doing a strategy session with Nefateria Robinson was one of the best investments I’ve done for my business. At the time I currently had a business coach but the coach wasn’t able to do what Nefateria was able to do on the hour. She brought me clarity in my business and actually steps that I can implement to bring me the results I desired in my business. ASHLEY KING

Christian Business Strategist

When I called Nefateria to discuss the issue that I was having with clarity in my target audience I was frustrated I was irritated and I was just ready for some results. I had recently spent a lot of money on digital programs and coaches and I still had questions. I still did not have an answer to the number one question that greatly affected Once I stated my issue was she immediately started to break down bit by bit all of the components that help you to determine my y target business. She had specific questions that garnered specific answers and from there we continued to drill down to who exactly who my niche client is. By the end of the call I feel confident, I felt relieved, and I felt ready.  Thank you so much Nefateria. I would definitely recommend her to entrepreneurs who need clarity with solid concise results. LISA KNOX-BUSSEY


Nefateria knows how to get to the point, ask the questions and give detailed tips that bring you insights. In the few minutes I we spoke she not only helped me find what were the actions I could take and implement, but she also made feel energized to do this. Her driven energy and direct approach gets you ready to act. LAIS SCORTEGAGNA

Branding Expert

Thank you for an AMAZEBALLS coaching session the other night. I genuinely have never had as much clarity after 1 hour!! Katie Woodland