You’re smart, driven, a go-getter that’s working full-time, running a household, while building a business from the ground up… you’re exhausted.

Every day you show up in your business, eager to work on the things you think will finally bring some money into your business.

You’ve done all the right things:

Took the leap of faith to pursue your dreams
Committed to doing whatever it will take to make it work
Invested in the certifications and education you needed

But your bank account is still empty!

You’re tired of looking for answers and finding yourself being lured in by:

Surfing the web

… looking for info like you’re trying out for the summer Olympics

Binge watching YouTube how-to business-building videos

as if it was Netflix!

Getting advice from your peers

… and then realizing they’re not making any money either!


Stop the business entertainment. It’s time for business building.

You deserve to have a business with a bank account that reflects all the long hours, sleepless nights and countless sacrifices you’ve made.

You need a plan to make bank.

That’s the exact reason I created the Profit Plan, to take you from just being busy with no plan to having a plan to make bank.

What if you…

Had a steady second stream of income
Could hire employees
Felt confident closing deals

You CAN have it all when you have a diamond clear path to profits.



How to tell potential customers what you do, so you can explain it in a way that gets them interested… in 30 seconds


How to give your customers what they want, so the product/service that practically sells itself.


How to find clients, so you can have a consistent income.


How to follow up, so you can close 50% more of your sales


How to handle customer inquiries like a pro – clearly communicating why your product/service is the best choice.


How to create loyal customers who give you glowing testimonials and refer you to everyone they know, so your business keeps growing

PLUS 6 Implementation Weeks

Stop wasting time
get clear, confident and get the coins!


One time payment

Save some coins


Payment plan

4 payments of $250 *

Get started for just $250

* First payment is a non-refundable deposit


(6) 60-minute private one-on-one sessions with me, giving your business the undivided attention it needs

(6) 15-minute bi-weekly phone check-ins, so we can immediately deal with any issues that may arise

Prep work for each call, so you can ensure you maximize the time we have together.

Marching orders so you know how to immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Recordings of your one-on-one sessions for future reference letting you revisit our discussions, remind yourself of all of the ‘ah-ha!’ moments you had and refresh your memory for future projects.

Unlimited Voxer messaging access to me for questions, during the duration of the program, so you are inspired to ACT and motivated to move!

Straight no chaser, precise ways to get to those coins!!!

As your Profit Coach I promise not to waste your time with research. I’ll give it to you straight, no chaser with military precision that will get results, so you can get these coins!!


One time payment

Save some coins


Payment plan

4 payments of $250 *

Get started for just $250

* First payment is a non-refundable deposit


Doesn’t obligate you to purchase.


Lais Scortegagna – Creator of Your Captivating Brand

Jessy George

“When I first started working with Nefateria my goal was to build the basic knowledge of how to start a coaching business and also to improve my self-confidence. Since we have started working together, Nefateria has been such a blessing to me. she helped me perfect my sales pitch, gave me many ideas to build an email list, encouraged me to start coaching. I gain my first two clients while working with her. What I liked best about Nefateria is she is very patient and understands my weaknesses. I love the fact that she is a woman of God and prays for me. An added benefit of working with Nefateria is, I have been able to understand how the coaching works and how much work it takes to plan things. I would highly recommend Nefateria if you are looking for a coach that believes in God, prays for you and your business, has patience and encourages you every step of the way, to building your coaching business.”

Evie Reyes

When I started with Nefateria my goal was to start my financial coaching business from home and attract new and loyal clients. While working with Nefateria I started an IG page and got my first 100 followers, created two freebies, which has helped to increase my email list size and narrowed down my niche. Best of all I have a whole plan to follow in order to establish a successful business. What I liked about working with Nefateria was her availability, patience, expertise, reliance, and professionalism. Best of all how she would quickly adjust the plan to fit with whatever struggle I faced. Another benefit of working with her was I had someone there to keep me motivated and to really think this through as a real business and not as a hobby. I highly recommend Nefateria to people who already have established a business or idea and need that extra push to get clients.”