Are you tired of your pitch showing up as a minivan sitting in parking lot when it should show up as a Jaguar whose keys were just tossed to the valet?

You’re a driven business owner who wants to tell everyone about your business but you struggle with what to say, how to say it, what to offer and how to sell it with confidence.

When you’re asked about your business, do you: 

Feel shy and unsure… just like going on a first date?

Not know  what’s important to get across to potential clients

Trip over your words like a toddler learning to walk.

Offer it free because you don’t know what to charge

Sound like an auctioneer at a county fair, talking so fast nobody can make sense of your words.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You deserve to say with pride and confidence,

“I AM A BUSINESS OWNER. ______ is what I do. Let’s get started.”

Think for a moment… what it will feel like to:

Never miss another opportunity to grow your business by proudly telling people who you are and what you do

Get your first client after a chat at network event

Offer something that your people rave about

Having 5 attendees at your first workshop

That’s the exact reason I created ‘Sexy Pitch’

to take you from ideas all over the place to a concrete plan, to sell your sevices with ease, so you can make the money you want.

Here’s what you get:

(1) 90 minute one on one session with me

where you’ll get clear on your ideal client, create an offer they can’t resist and get a plan to sell it.

Marching orders

an immediate ACTion plan to sell to your “Sexy Pitch” and how to apply it to your next sales conversation

Recording of your one on one session

for your future reference – revisit our discussion, remind yourself of all of the ‘ah-ha!’ moments you had and refresh your memory for future projects

(1) 30 minute Follow - Up call - Two Weeks after Sexy Pitch Session

to see how selling your offer is going and tweak it, so you can continue to be inspired to ACT and motivated to move!

In just 90 minutes you’ll nail down your ‘Sexy Pitch’ and walk into any room like you own it, with a concrete offer your ideal client can’t resist!

Investment: $499


During my coaching session with Nefateria my goal was to narrow my niche and figure out who my target audience was. When I came to Nefateria I had 2 types of targets but since working with Nefateria I have narrowed it down to one. Plus, I’m focusing on that group which I feel will be my idea client group. What I liked best about working with Nefateria is that you asked many questions that I hadn’t thought of before which was really insightful. Another benefit from working with Nefateria my focus is more targeted. I know who I want to work with more. And as a bonus, I can make a better work schedule for myself and my family. Before I was only thinking about the time I have since I’m a stay at home mom, but after our session, I gained clarity in the time it takes not just on the phone, but to prepare before and after. One thing that was unexpected that came out of my work with Nefateria was the time management talk and the fact that I knew who I wanted to work with, but you asked me questions that actually gave me clarity in more insight with my inner struggle of having 2 audiences, when really only want to focus on the one. I think I never would have figured it out without you. I know any new business owners or people who want to start a business would greatly benefit from working with Nefateria. Angel Lawery

When I called Nefateria to discuss the issue that I was having with clarity in my target audience I was frustrated I was irritated and I was just ready for some results. I had recently spent a lot of money on digital programs and coaches and I still had questions. I still did not have an answer to the number one question that greatly affected Once I stated my issue was she immediately started to break down bit by bit all of the components that help you to determine my target business. She had specific questions that garnered specific answers and from there we continued to drill down to who exactly who my niche client is. By the end of the call I feel confident, I felt relieved, and I felt ready. Thank you so much Nefateria. I would definitely recommend her to entrepreneurs who need clarity with solid concise results. Lisa Knox-Bussey

Is this for REAL?! The amount of value in this session is at LEAST ten times this cost!! Whether you think you know your niche or not, GET IN ON THIS! Nef offers so much clarity and she really gets you to hone in on what makes you tick. You’ll know your niche in less than an hour and you’ll feel great about it! You can’t put a price on clarity. If you’re not beating down doors to get one of these spots you SHOULD be! Shoot Nef, I want to book at least two more just because i got so much out of the first one! AND i’m a sucker for a sale! Sabrina Laffan

Meet Nefateria

I’m a Profit Coach for driven business owners like you. The only problem is you have an expensive hobby and not a profitable business.

You deserve to have a business with a bank account that reflects all the long hours, sleepless nights and countless sacrifices you’ve made.

As your Profit Coach we will work together to get you clear and get you confident so you can make those coins.