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Jessy George

“When I first started working with Nefateria my goal was to build the basic knowledge of how to start a coaching business and also to improve my self-confidence. Since we have started working together, Nefateria has been such a blessing to me. she helped me perfect my sales pitch, gave me many ideas to build an email list, encouraged me to start coaching. I gain my first two clients while working with her. What I liked best about Nefateria is she is very patient and understands my weaknesses. I love the fact that she is a woman of God and prays for me. An added benefit of working with Nefateria is, I have been able to understand how the coaching works and how much work it takes to plan things. I would highly recommend Nefateria if you are looking for a coach that believes in God, prays for you and your business, has patience and encourages you every step of the way, to building your coaching business.”

Evie Reyes

When I started with Nefateria my goal was to start my financial coaching business from home and attract new and loyal clients. While working with Nefateria I started an IG page and got my first 100 followers, created two freebies, which has helped to increase my email list size and narrowed down my niche. Best of all I have a whole plan to follow in order to establish a successful business. What I liked about working with Nefateria was her availability, patience, expertise, reliance, and professionalism. Best of all how she would quickly adjust the plan to fit with whatever struggle I faced. Another benefit of working with her was I had someone there to keep me motivated and to really think this through as a real business and not as a hobby. I highly recommend Nefateria to people who already have established a business or idea and need that extra push to get clients.”

Nefateria gave me more clarity!
Mimi Bishop

Thank you so much! You are really a true blessing.
Naomi Dickerson

The Mini-session I had with you Nefateria was an amazing, enlightening experience! My eyes were opened to so much more than what I was expecting. I love your fire, passion, and your willingness to be a part of the positive momentum of our society! Thank you so much for your time, experience and well wishes! 💛💚💜

It was amazing and opened up so much more than what I thought I was looking for. It was an unforgettable experience seeing the new avenues and insights appear.. So looking forward to everything coming up. 

Cami Black 

Is this for REAL?! The amount of value in this session is at LEAST ten times this cost!! Whether you think you know your niche or not, GET IN ON THIS! Nef offers so much clarity and she really gets you to hone in on what makes you tick. You’ll know your niche in less than an hour and you’ll feel great about it! You can’t put a price on clarity. If you’re not beating down doors to get one of these spots you SHOULD be! Shoot Nef, I want to book at least two more just because i got so much out of the first one! AND i’m a sucker for a sale!

Sabrina Laffan

What I liked best about working with Nefateria is that you asked many questions that I hadn’t thought of before which was really insightful. Another benefit from working with Nefateria my focus is more targeted. I know who I want to work with more. And as a bonus, I can make a better work schedule for myself and my family. I gained clarity in the time it takes not just on the phone, but to prepare before and after. I know any new business owners or people who want to start a business would greatly benefit from working with Nefateria.


When I called Nefateria to discuss the issue that I was having with clarity in my target audience I was frustrated I was irritated and I was just ready for some results. I had recently spent a lot of money on digital programs and coaches and I still had questions. I still did not have an answer to the number one question that greatly affected Once I stated my issue was she immediately started to break down bit by bit all of the components that help you to determine my target business. She had specific questions that garnered specific answers and from there we continued to drill down to who exactly who my niche client is. By the end of the call I feel confident, I felt relieved, and I felt ready.  Thank you so much Nefateria. I would definitely recommend her to entrepreneurs who need clarity with solid concise results.

Lisa Knox

It felt good to be able to talk about my struggles with someone and get “easy” steps to move on.

Juli Bleeker